Trialogue was the first of a series of events curated by susan pui san lok as part of Golden (Lessons), an exhibition and residency at Beaconsfield, London. Structured as a conversation in English between 3 curators, or curatorial perspectives, and taking the conjunction of the terms ‘nostalgia, aspiration, diaspora’ as a point of departure, the speakers were: Sonia Boyce (artist and AHRC Research Fellow, Wimbledon College, University of the Arts); Irit Rogoff (Professor of Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths College, University of London); and Naomi Siderfin (Director, Beaconsfield). The discussion was accompanied by simultaneous, makeshift Cantonese translation, by the artist; and the ensuing transcripts co-edited and substantially annotated by the event’s chair, Joanne Morra. The resulting experimental collaborative text, ‘Trialogue/Quintet’, appears in Golden (Notes).

"susan pui san lok", "susan lok", "lessons", "golden", "beaconsfield", 'trialogue", "conversation"

"susan pui san lok", "susan lok", "lessons", "golden", "beaconsfield", 'trialogue", "conversation"

Trialogue, curated by susan pui san lok, 20 October 2006, Beaconsfield, London. Images © Beaconsfield

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